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The Hetrypa Schools Programme focuses on improving students' performance, recovery, and success through specialised breathing techniques. It's designed to help students enhance their physical and mental health, boosting their ability to perform academically and manage stress effectively. The programme includes structured sessions led by Philip Harris a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist and certified Oxygen Advantage®instructor to teach these techniques.

The Hetrypa programme offers three levels of training, each tailored to different depths of breathing techniques and their applications:


Bronze Package:
This entry-level package includes a single one-hour session. It introduces the basics of functional breathing, covering the anatomical aspects and physiological importance of proper breathing. Participants learn fundamental breathing tools aimed at enhancing overall health and well-being.


Silver Package:
This intermediate package consists of two one-hour sessions. The first session covers the power of breath, while the second focuses on breathing for exams, specifically addressing stress and anxiety management through an understanding of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. It also offers exercises to help calm the mind and improve concentration.


Gold Package:
Our Gold Package, the pinnacle of our training, is a comprehensive offering that spans three one-hour sessions. It's a deep dive into the power of breath, breathing techniques tailored for exam situations, and strategies for performance. The package is all about application, emphasising the use of nose breathing in sports and the crucial role of sleep quality for optimal physical and mental recovery. It's the ultimate package for those serious about recovery. This improves students' breathing techniques for their academic and athletic performance.


Each level is designed to build on the last, providing more in-depth knowledge and practical breathing skills that benefit academic and athletic performance. It is facilitated by Philip Harris, a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist and certified Oxygen Advantage® instructor.

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